Hi, there! I’m Paige. So excited to see you here. I’m a writer, plant fanatic, and a mother to two spitfire kiddos. I have a (mostly healthy) obsession for trying new things, skipping the small talk, and building deep connections.

I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I was orchestrating wild tales of magical creatures, reading them to my little sister below second-hand comforters dimly lit by a flashlight. Throughout the years, I grew, like most.

I landed in marketing by accident. After earning a degree in Writing and Linguistics, I jumped into a contracting career, where I wrote for clients ranging from SaaS tech companies to beverage businesses. Then I accepted a position as a Writer at a B2B agency, Sweet Fish Media, where I quickly excelled to Lead Writer where I continue to lead a team of extremely talented writers.

Regardless of where I land, I keep returning to stories. I discovered the power of connection is just a few well-constructed sentences away. I’ve made it my personal goal to help today’s leaders connect with their peers in powerful ways, leveraging their experiences as best as possible.

This also leads to the tangible benefits of audience growth and conversion – your stories have real power to make a difference in the world and for your pipeline.

I’m currently working out of Kentucky, where I live with my husband, son, daughter, and several four-legged friends. As a military family, we move a lot. I’m always on my toes and ready to go.

I’m incredibly excited to connect with you. Thanks for stoppin’ by!